Monday, September 20, 2010

Movement In Motion Artist & Activist Collective

Movement In Motion Collective 
Local to International Grassroots Movement 

International Mission
To create and maintain an organized global artist & activist network to dialogue, inform and develop solidarity amongst local struggles, actions and movements.  We are the Griots, Documenters, Alternative Media Outlet.

We are the media link and network.  We will not rely on the current educational systems to educate us and our youth, the mainstream media networks to inform us, or the industries of entertainment to feed poison our souls and stimulate brainwash our minds and shackle our bodies from growth and development.
As the alternative we must create and support existing communities that display  alternative answers to the systemic solutions proposed and imposed by government agencies and corporate industries. 

I.   The focus (hip hop communities)

Reason: hip hop has a strong link and historical connections to oppressed peoples throughout the world as providing a culture of resistance to systemic oppression and repression.

  1. create incentives for youth in Hip Hop
    1. touring possibilities
    2. venues for expression (local shows)
    3. recording projects
    4. songwriting challenges

  1. expression
    1. artistic mentorship, critique and development
    2. network designed to support and nourish the variety of ideas without harsh judgment
    3. freedom of expression without censorship except in the case where communities themselves have identified concerns such as lyrics or art that is homophobic, sexist, racist and the like.

  1. political education & knowledge of history
    1. making the connections between content and substance
                                               i.     art and revolution
                                             ii.     criticizing and analyzing movements i.e. black panther party, Zapatista movement (current and past)
                                            iii.     create themes and support organizations that are organizing around the topics i.e. Mumia Abu Jamal, Mumia Berlin
    1. education through process (Zapatista model of learning as you walk)
    2. mentorship and guidance is our direct action (organizers will provide articles, teachings, readings, films to analyze and articulate the problems along with proposed solutions) 
 II.    this isn’t social work
a.     we change the dynamics
b.     mentors and organizers learn from youth as well as a circular process of education

III.             MinM mission statement/vision 

Mission Statement
Movement In Motion (MinM) is an Artist & Activist Collective that disseminates information through cultural mediums. We create rhymes, music, films and other forms of artwork to dialogue with our respective communities.
Get Involved:
Movement In Motion has developed Chapters within our collective to more effectively suit the needs of the artist & activist who choose to volunteer their energy in the struggle for justice and to further develop and support a community network.  

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